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First Guitar


When I was a kid, I didn't dream of becoming a rock star someday, I dreamt I was a rock star already.

I got my first guitar on my twelfth birthday and in Junior High, I put together my first band with some of my buddies from school.

About that same time, the popular press, TV and Magazines all said GOD WAS DEAD! I think it started in Europe and spread quickly to the USA. It didn't matter to me—I didn't believe in God anyway—ELVIS WAS MY GOD!

We all got our union cards and started making some real money playing Top-40 Songs in dance halls, ballrooms and nightclubs even First Bandthough half of us were underage.

Needless to say, nightclubs and schoolwork don't mix and I soon dropped-out so I could rake in the dough... not to mention booze and drugs.

I found myself in jail a few times and my parents disowned me. I was a total disgrace to them so I moved out. HEY, I was sixteen. I could take care of myself.

I moved in with a drummer buddy of mine
and we both got hired by a great band called

KELOHere we are
on a live TV TEEN BANDSTAND PROGRAM. We played with all the big stars who came through our area and we were in the middle of recording an album when Steve got killed in a freak motorcycle accident. We had only half the album finished when that happened.Recording Studio

The Starfires are currently in the Rock & Roll Halls of Fame in three different states: Iowa, South Dakota and Minnesota.




One of my drummer buddies from high school was actually named Buddy... BUDDY MILES.
buddy - jimi
I heard he was playing with Jimi Hendrix out in California so I packed my guitar and a duffel bag of clothes and hitched a ride to California to look him up.

I wanted him to introduce me to HENDRIX.



I didn’t quite make it all the way to California though, I got stuck in Arizona living on a hippie commune for a while, experimenting with all kinds of different drugs.

McCartney-JaggerI’m an artist—so, to survive, I sold lots of artwork of my FAVORITE GODS: Paul McCartney and Mic Jagger for example...

I also made a bunch of different psychedelic black-light posters, bumper-stickers and such for quick money.

I sold the rights to my "Let's Boogie" poster for a couple hundred dollars because my publisher said it wasn't selling well enough to calculate my penny-a-piece royalties all the time.

I immediately went out and blew it all on a golfball size chunk of hashish and stayed high for a couple weeks.

When I came down, I ran into the printer who couldn't figure out why I wasn't happy when he told me they were printing MILLIONS of my posters.

Let's BoogieStanding at my publisher's desk, he just laughed in my face waving my signed contract—not just another ordinary harmless autograph you see.

I was such a fool. As you can tell by the attached photo, the drugs were not doing me any good. I only weighed 120 pounds.


One night while I was totally stoned, drinking wine and smoking pot, a friend of mine gave me some acid—He told me LSD would make me a SUPERSTAR just like HENDRIX and the BEATLES...

The ROLLING STONES had a hit song out called SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, and an album called THEIR SATANIC MAJESTY’S REQUEST and I heard rumors that they sold their souls to the devil to get famous.

So while I was high on LSD,
I willingly surrendered my eternal soul to the devil so I COULD BECOME A GOD like them. And oh yeah—RICH AND FAMOUS!!!

Hey, what’s an eternal soul anyway?
It’s like an appendix—
nobody really NEEDS one.


HENDRIX DEADI finally made it to Hollywood in 1970— the same time that all the newspaper headlines blasted: DRUGS KILL JIMI HENDRIX AT 24—OVERDOSE!


So... I found me a new god...

As fate would have it, a friend introduced me to the Doors' manager and, seeing how I played bass as well as guitar, I thought maybe I could become their new bass player.

The Doors

Joyfully, I joined the
roadies setting up equipment and stuff—hoping I could JAM with them and they’d see what a good bass-player I was.

My Door of opportunity suddenly slammed shut.

In 1971, Jim Morrison took his girlfriend Pam to Paris for a little vacation—but they never came back. They found him DEAD in his Paris hotel bath tub.




Jesus FreakThere were rumors going around Hollywood at that time, that the Jesus Freaks were just a bunch of drug addicts that used Jesus to get off the drugs. Everyone mocked them.

I tried everything to quit drugs... but nothing worked. I didn't want to die like Hendrix and
Morrison—but I was doing all the same drugs
and alcohol that killed them.

I kept seeing Demons all around me everytime I did LSD... really scared me because I KNEW that if I died, I was going straight to hell... I was convinced that Satan owned my soul. I was terrified.

In spite of my fear, I continued doing acid, thinking it was making me a superstar. I was rockin' hard until one day, I was recording with a band called RAW MILK. Raw MilkI'm pretty sure we were the first band to have Moog Synthesizers.

Dropping acid in the studio was not one of my
better ideas... I got FIRED!!

The Raw Milk curdled!!!

That's why, when I saw a Jesus Freak hitchhiking down Sunset Boulevard one afternoon, I pulled over to pick him up and ask him if it was true about them getting off the drugs with Jesus. I knew he was a Jesus Freak because he looked like a surfer with really long bleach-blonde hair and was holding
a big black Bible under his arm.

He hopped into my van and
immediately vanasked me,

“SURE” I replied confidently, "He was born in a manger and..."

"No" he interrupted, "I didn't ask if you knew ABOUT him, I asked if you knew HIM—PERSONALLY!"

"PERSONALLY?" I said shrugging my shoulders,
"How can I know someone who died two
thousand years ago personally?"

"DUDE" he chuckled, "Remember Easter?"

"Oh Yeah..." (face-palm to the head) "...EASTER!"

He told me that Jesus was ALIVE and that His Spirit
was right there with us in my van.




"Yeah Really!"

He said he was on his way to his weekly bible study/prayer group meeting and he invited me to go with him—
I was curious—so I DID!

That night, I made a major decision.
I decided to BELIEVE God is REAL for a change instead of doubting.
I decided to BELIEVE that the Bible was true—NOT just a book of fairy tales and fables.

Kneeling at the altar, I looked up to heaven and asked Jesus to come into my heart. Almost immediately,
A million pounds was lifted off of me.

That decision changed everything.

Livingway OutreachI gave-up Rock and Roll and gave myself over to totally serving the Lord with my talents.

When I went to quit the band, the drummer said mockingly, "Awww... you're just using Jesus as a CRUTCH to get off drugs."

You figure that out all by yourself,
did ya?"


He punched me right in the face.
I figure I had it coming—but he WAS
right you know. I DID need a crutch... I was a total failure on my own.

My new Jesus-Freak friends told me that I needed to go buy a Bible.

So, sporting a beautiful new black-eye,
I went out and bought me a Genuine Leather King James Bible—
Red Letter Edition—and immediately opened it to the back—
yeah, the book of Revelations—

I wanted to see how it all ends!!!

Guess what...


WE WIN!!!!




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