Are your circumstances out of control?


First of all, take a deep breath...
calm down.
Look at this problem as a test.
Stop rehearsing the problem over and over and over.


That's called "worry" and the Bible says 
to do it!


Instead of worrying,
switch your attention to God's Word
and meditate on THAT instead.


1. Don't be afraid.
GOD is with you right now.

2. Jesus WANTS to help you. 

3. TRUST Him, this will pass.


Speak only faith filled words.
Don't say or do anything contrary to the
results you want to see come to pass.


Watch your words.
Your tongue can and will release blessings
or curses into your present and future circumstances.
You are shaping your destiny by the words
you are speaking right now.


Remember, God LOVES you
and He has big plans for you.
Plans to bless you, not harm you.